2011: a Different Point of View

The year 2010 certainly has been a very restless year for me. Lost some dear people, gained some new life around me too. The company I worked for, Dataman (www.dataman.nl) went bankrupt. I agreed to be part of a merger where employees from Dataman would merge with iTricity (www.itricity.nl).

iTricity was under a lot of financial pressure as well. A very well known Dutch investor (Van den Ende & Deitmers also known as “EnDeit”) would come into play, enabling iTricity to become a healty company with the added knowledge of the people from Dataman. But all of this was not to be as everyone would have liked: The investor made a last-second decision not to participate, and the fused Dataman-iTricity company was left in the dirt. Now iTricity is fighting to continue its existence in a smaller format with another investor. All in all a very emotional time for everyone involved.

So what comes from all of this action in a small but technically advanced country like the Netherlands? Exactly: Stalking by headhunters and opportunities you hadn’t thought of. Spoke with some great guys (like for example Daan Huisman) really trying to help instead of just wanting to make easy money. Two ex-collegues of mine, Duco Jaspars (vConsult.nl) and Henk Arts (VMstarter.nl) showed me a vacancy at a big international company, which struck me as a great job indeed.

Finally, in the very last days of 2010 I got the news, and yep, I’m pretty proud of it too:

(Teaser Alert!)
As of February 2011, I’m joining an international team of some of the greatest VMware experts!
This team is part of a company very well known and respected in the VMware community.

So in the end, 2010 turned out to be a good year after all. “Dessert makes up for everything!”

One Response to “2011: a Different Point of View”

  • Daan Huisman says:


    Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on the new job. We’ve been in touch a lot over the past months and I understand that it wasn’t easy for you. However, the whole situation enabled you to open yourself for new opportunities. Too bad you didn’t choose for the opportunity I had in mind for you, but that’s the way it is.

    I wish you all the best and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch in this small world of ours 😉

    Best regards,

    Daan Huisman

Soon to come