Best of 2010 Posts

Since I see “top 10” lists appear everywhere, I decided to follow in line and produce my own top 10 posts of the year 2010:

  1. Performance impact when using VMware snapshots
  2. Throughput part 2: RAID types and segment sizes
  3. Throughput part 3: Data alignment
  4. Throughput part 1: The Basics
  5. vscsiStats into the third dimension: Surface charts!
  6. VMware HA, slotsizes and constraints
  7. Breaking VMware Views sound barrier with Sun Open Storage (part 1)
  8. Ye Olde Snapshot
  9. VMware Infrastructure Resource Settings Sagas
  10. Scaling VMware hot-backups (using esXpress)

My view on things

It is great to see what interests people the most. The number 1 post is also one of my personal favorites: It shows how snapshots (and especially removing them) can impact a VMs performance. I managed to get read performance down to 5% of the original while cleaning out a snapshot! It’s just a question of leaving no headroom for IOPs on a diskset which unfortunately is not unseen at customer sites.

Almost the entire “Throughput” series is also part of the top 10. Shame the final part was not read that much (Throughput part 4: A day at the races) which covers a great hotspotting case on a storage array at a customer. You could actually see the “horse race” by looking at the activity LEDs on the array 🙂

Also, a lot of people have read the introduction to the Sun OpenStorage performance tests we performed. Shame not too many people have read the actual report. Ok I admit, 74 pages is quite some reading to get through. But ey, there are cool 3D surface graphs in there! I even sliced one up in this report.

A big thanks to all readers of my blog posts. Seeing a growing number of visitors gives me the energy to keep going and find creativity for putting up these posts. I hope to see all of you back in 2011 where things should get even more exciting!

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    I stumbled on your site with your great post vscsiStats into the third dimension: Surface charts!
    Since then I come and read regularly your very informative and detailed articles.

    Keep the good work in 2011!


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