vSphere 5 now available for download

After the official announcement of vSphere 5 by VMware on the 22nd, the binaries are finally available for download!

VMware vSphere, the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures, enables you to run business critical applications with confidence and respond to the business faster. (4:15 mins.)

The build number of ESXi5 is 469512, while both vCenter5 and the VI client are build number 456005.

I would encourage everyone to at least play around with vSphere5; there are too many cool features not to be! My homelab has been running vSphere5 now for some time, and I haven’t encountered too many bizarre things to regret my decision. VMware did it again!

Get it while it’s hot:

Download vSphere 5 (free ESXi version)

Download vSphere 5 (registered versions)

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