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Dutch VMUG 2010 presentation online

Hi all,

I just uploaded a video of my Dutch VMUG 2010 event presentation. No audio, but just a quick fly through the slides:
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Dutch VMUG 2010 photos online!

Audience shot during the keynote session

From left to right – Duco Jaspars…. uhm forgot the rest, sorry! 😉

The VMUG 2010 surely was once again a great success. Here are some photos for you all to see:
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Compellent presentation @Dutch VMUG 2010

This time I joined a session with Compellent. I have known them for their smart storage arrays, which are able to move data between storage tiers to optimize speed of regularly used data.

I’m excited to see what they have come up with this year!
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Dutch VMUG: Eric Sloof – vSphere performance troubleshooting

Today Eric delived a great presentation on vSphere troubleshooting. All resources were touched: CPU, Memory, storage and networking. Read the rest of this entry »

Presenting at the Dutch VMUG 2010!

This year the dutch VMUG event (see is surely going to be a great success. Again! For the first time I’ll be there as a blogger. Even better, last week I had a nice discussion with someone at IBM. They welcomed me to deliver 20-30 minutes of their presentation at the VMUG2010 event!

So be sure to visit the VMUG 2010 event, and especially the 15:50 – 16:50 session “Van Virtualisatie tot Cloud Computing: portfolio en praktijk” because I’ll be presenting there, and it is going to be really interesting too! Read the rest of this entry »

Dutch VMUG 2010: Place to be!

This year on December 10th I’ll be visiting the Dutch VMUG day 2010 in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. My first time as a blogger! I will be visiting this event for the fourth time, and it has been a great event every single year.

Dutch VMUG
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