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Place to be: EMC world 2011

This year another EMC world is surely going to rock the house once again. It’s party time again from May 9th to 12th in Las Vegas!

EMC world 2011

When will the fun EVER stop? 2011 is going to be a rocking year for EMC, full of groundbreaking records and very cool products. Ranging from security through backup to disaster recovery – All within EMCs balanced portfolio.

There will be a lot of very interesting things to do at EMC world 2011. Take a look at the session catalog here (requires login): EMC world 2011 Session Catalog. Read the rest of this entry »

EMC’s Record Breaking Event: Almost showtime!

As EMC2 counts down into the final hours before their live record breaking event, posts are showing up around three products: Data Domain Archiver, the Data Domain 890 and GDA, and the EMC2 VNX and VNXe series. I looked around and found some info here and there on these new products.

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Chad’s World debut!

For those of you (like me 🙂 ) who are dying to see… The first episode of Chad’s World is online! Check it out here: Chad’s World


Chad’s World is on air!

If you are a real Wayne’s World fan… We now have: Chad’s World!

I just saw the “trailer” and I thought you should too:

UPDATE: The first episode should be airing december 19.

ESXi and EMC CLARiiON registration issue

A collegue of mine, John Grinwis, pointed out a bug within a combination of ESXi, host profiles and an EMC CLARiiON: At some point the ESXi nodes swap their VMkernel ports and the CLARiiON then proceeds to register the wrong network as the management network

UPDATE: There now is a workaround available. Please visit Workaround: ESXi and EMC CLARiiON registration issue

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