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Under the Covers with Miss Alignment Part 2: Linked Clones

This post is the continuation of Under the Covers with Miss Alignment: I keep hearing this rumor more and more often: It appears that both snapshots and linked clones on vSphere 4.x and 5.0 are misaligned. Not having had the time to actually put this to the test, I thought it would at least be informative to give you some more down-and-dirty information on the subject.

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Under the covers with Miss Alignment: Full-stripe writes

In a previous blogpost I covered the general issue of misalignment on a disk segment level. This is the most occurring and the most obvious misalignment, where several spindles in a RAID set perform random I/O and misalignment causes more spindles need to seek for a single I/O than would be required when properly aligned.

Next in the series there is another misalignment issue which is rare, but can have a much bigger impact on tuned storage: Full stripe misalignment.

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