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RAID5 DeepDive and Full-Stripe Nerdvana

Ask any user of a SAN if cache matter. Cache DOES matter. Cache is King! But apart from being “just” something that can handle your bursty workloads, there is another advantage some vendors offer when you have plenty of cache. It is all in the implementation, but the smarter vendors out there will save you significant overhead when you use RAID5 or RAID6, especially in a write-intensive environment.

Recall on RAID

Flashback to a post way back: Throughput part 2: RAID types and segment sizes. Here you can read all about RAID types and their pros and cons. For now we focus on RAID5 and RAID6: These RAID types are the most space efficient ones, but they have a rather big impact on small random writes. Read the rest of this entry »

RAID5 write performance – Revisited

In this post: Throughput part 2: RAID types and segment sizes I wrote that a RAID5 setup can potentially perform better in a heavy-write environment over RAID10, if tunes right. While theoretically this might be true, I have some important addendum’s to this statement that vote against RAID5 which I’d like to share.

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